4 Secrets of the Beauty Industry

Beauty is an essential part of our life now. With so many cosmetic products today, it isn’t difficult to look good. But, to avoid certain risks and danger and to keep your skin and body healthy, there are certain secrets that most of you are not aware of. We have listed 4 beauty secrets for you below.

  • Never Use Soap to Wash Your Face

Soap comprises of certain compounds which can strip the skin of useful natural oils and nutrients. This will make your face look dry and dehydrated. Instead of soap, use a good face wash that would suit your skin. Also, even if you use a good face wash, always have a habit of applying a moisturising cream on your face.

  • Sunscreen Is Essential

Sunscreen is so important that even if you follow all other tips, ignoring this will all be in vain. You should use it more when you have to stay outdoors for a long time because the UV rays can be harmful to your skin. Skin experts also suggest using a sunscreen of no less than 30 SPF.

  • Store Beauty Products Safely

It has been found by dermatologists that skin infection (due to the negligence of proper storage of beauty products) is a growing concern these days. Try to keep them in a dry place and away from humidity or moisture, as they will expire fast in latter conditions.

  • Eye Creams Are Fake

It is said that eye creams are supposed to be really effective, but it is completely false. Dr. Fayne Frey, a certified dermatologist claims that eye creams are just normal moisturisers and contains no special ingredient. He also says that the skin around your eyes would need more of sunscreen due to its high sensitivity.

We hope with all these secrets in mind, you will decide wisely what to choose and avoid when it comes to health and beauty. Understand what your skin requires and act accordingly. Stay happy and beautiful!

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